Debate: Has the world improved in the last 60 years?

At the Oxford Martin School I debated with Anders Sandberg from Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and Robert Walker from the University’s Social Policy department whether we achieved to build a better world.

Unfortunately it happens too often that panel discussions don’t lead to much discussion at all because the speakers don’t have much that they disagree on. This discussion was different. We had a long and controversial debate! No shouting and not too much politics, but very different angles from which we tried to answer the question.

Robert focused on poverty and social policy and Anders went back to 1957 and looked at how far we came with computing, genetics, nuclear power, and space travel. And while the topics were quite far from each other they all tied in with the main question: Do we live in a better world?

And if you are interested: Here are all the slides that I used in this presentation for download.

Thanks again to the Martin School, Robert, Anders, and all those who came – especially those that asked many interesting questions – for this event! Hope you enjoy the debate on Youtube!