I am an economist working at the University of Oxford and you find more information about me at the About Page.

Get in contact to book me as a public speaker: [email protected]
I am based in Oxford in the UK.


I care about getting academic research out to a wider audience. I think it is our duty as academics.

For this reason I regularly present my empirical research on long-trends of living standards at conferences, private companies, and international institutions.

Topics I speak about

My research focusses on large global problems. I present the empirical evidence of how living standards around the world are changing. My specialty are data visualizations in maps and graphs that make these changes understandable. The empirical view of our world is based on my project OurWorldInData.org.

In my talks I tell the history of our present world focusing on the aspects that matter most for the audience. You can book me as a speaker (in either English or German).

Previous talks have been as short as 10 minutes or as long as 1 hour or more.
Below you find a series of slide decks that I used for public talks in the past and that can give an idea about what I am speaking.

Slide sets of previous talks

You can view the slides in full screen mode by pressing the logo that shows 4 small arrows. Then you can move through the presentation by pressing the right arrow-key on your keyboard.

Global Development – my talk at ‘Next Economy’ in San Francisco (15-minute talk)

Poverty and migration – my talk at Effective Altruism Global (30-minute talk)

Global Development – my talk at Emerge (90-minute talk)

Global Problems and Solutions – my talk on Education at the University of Oxford (Oct 2016) (60-minute talk)

Talks from 2015 and earlier

Lifting the world out of poverty – my talk at WIRED 2015 (15-minute talk)

The slides for my WIRED 2015 talk. The talk is split in 3 chapters: My aim for the first chapter was to show what growth means for you – having more possibilities to lead the life you want; having a richer life. Then in the second bit I show how growth is possible – by increasing productivity (Or more poetically, by ‘exchanging less of your life for the things you need’ as Thoreau put it). In the third part I show how incomes are changing around the world. The world is still extremely unequal – much more unequal than any individual country – but the trend to more inequality has been reversed recently and the world is now becoming more equal. The most important global trend of the last 2 centuries is the decline of extreme poverty – this is shown in the key slide of this short presentation.

Coverage of my talk by WIRED is here.

Health, Prosperity, and Peace – How far did we get? (45-minute talk)

This presentation shows the long-term trend of living conditions around the world. Data visualisations show the decline of world poverty, the rise and decline of global inequality, the rapidly improving global health, and the decline of violence.

Why? What? and How? – My slides for a 90 minutes talk (May 2015).

The first section shows common misconceptions – my aim is to change people’s perception of our world and I try to achieve this by visualizing empirical evidence.
A second section on how the world has changed. Lots of data visualizations here!
And a third section on my project OurWorldInData.org.

15 minute presentation on how living conditions around the world have changed

Short presentation with lots of data visualisations from OurWorldInData.org. This is an example of a short talk. It quickly presents an empirical account of how living conditions around the world have changed – with a special focus on Africa and the Middle East.

 A Long Run Perspective on Multidimensional Poverty

A presentation for the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (ophi.org.uk). I present a long run perspective on human development on child mortality, indoor air pollution, and the global rise of education.

The event on 22nd June in Oxford.